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Looking Radar Maintenance Staff


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I am preparing a Disability Claim to submit to the VA and came across this Site.  After reading almost all of the posts I am hoping this may be a way to locate others who served with me at Pope Air Force Base between 1975 and 1986.  I remember several names but have not been able to locate anyone yet.

I arrived at Pope in the summer of 1975 as an AIC and left in March 1986 as a TSGT.  My name is Steve (Andy) Anderson.  I was part of the maintenance team that left the C-130s at Rheinmein AB in 1977.  I participated in 13 back-to-back rotations to Mildenhall England along with numerous other temporary duty assignments.  I also participated in Operation Urgent Fury known as the Grenada Invasion 

I am hoping to locate one or more persons who will send me "Buddy Letter" attesting to the physical nature of working on the C-130 on the flightline and in the shop; or, better yet someone who has first hand knowledge of the fact I made flight line repairs alone on many occasions; or, both to submit with my claim

Some of the names I can recall are (spelling may not be correct):  Richard Marhol, Stan Pruell, Roy F. Shambaugh, Clarence Darlymple, C.W. Harris, Earl (Butch) Finney, Mary Wade, Judy Cowling, Michael McNamee, Thomas P. Tatlow, Ricky D. Nixon, Ricky Phipps, Quin Marston, Michael Lathrop, Donald Spohn, Paul E. Benard, Frank Rivera, Walter Pollard, George Eder, 

Thanks in advance for any help and Thanks to those who created and participated in this Site to date

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I don’t have any info for you but as a fellow C-130 tech (Prop) I just wanted to let you know you’re on the right track.   I have been successful with claims related to my flight line work as well as while participating in some flare dropping missions out of Ubon Thailand in 1968.  Documentation is your best friend.

Good luck to you,

Ron Dickson

374 FMS

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Thanks and as you suggest I am attempting to gather as much documentation as I can to support my claims

I find it hard to remember full names from 30 to 40 years ago and I realize many of my co-workers will likely have the same memory issue

I do remember three additional names -- Doug Wickstrom, James Waldrop, and James Carpenter

I have asked for my personnel file and there may be some additional names in there I can add to this posting

Stay healthy and safe, out for now

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Thanks to all who viewed this Topic to date

I can remember an additional 3 names of people who I served with -- Joseph Bible, Robert Jenkins, and Lynn Sperry 

I have had two VA Examinations and have a third one scheduled

I know I am at the beginning of the Disability Claims Process and will post any results when they arrive 

Stay healthy and safe, out for now

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