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  1. Ron, Thanks and as you suggest I am attempting to gather as much documentation as I can to support my claims I find it hard to remember full names from 30 to 40 years ago and I realize many of my co-workers will likely have the same memory issue I do remember three additional names -- Doug Wickstrom, James Waldrop, and James Carpenter I have asked for my personnel file and there may be some additional names in there I can add to this posting Stay healthy and safe, out for now
  2. I can remember the APN 59 Radar System (I think the photo is theRT 289) , the ARN 6 ADF System , the VOR system , and the APN 70 LORAN System off the top of my head. Can’t recall if the ARN 21 Tacan System was tube based. I believe most of the Autopilot , Doppler , and Radio Systems were tube based until they were upgraded to solid state or digital components
  3. I am preparing a Disability Claim to submit to the VA and came across this Site. After reading almost all of the posts I am hoping this may be a way to locate others who served with me at Pope Air Force Base between 1975 and 1986. I remember several names but have not been able to locate anyone yet. I arrived at Pope in the summer of 1975 as an AIC and left in March 1986 as a TSGT. My name is Steve (Andy) Anderson. I was part of the maintenance team that left the C-130s at Rheinmein AB in 1977. I participated in 13 back-to-back rotations to Mildenhall England along with numerous othe
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