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  1. Andy, I don’t have any info for you but as a fellow C-130 tech (Prop) I just wanted to let you know you’re on the right track. I have been successful with claims related to my flight line work as well as while participating in some flare dropping missions out of Ubon Thailand in 1968. Documentation is your best friend. Good luck to you, Ron Dickson 374 FMS
  2. For what it’s worth! Remembering a flight out of Ubon with my friend Melvin. Making_the_Pathway_Bright.docx
  3. Another of my favorites: Blame the dead horse on the previous owner.
  4. As a former USAF Propeller tech I find this particularly disturbing. The video and controller dialogue was painfull to watch and hear.
  5. RonDickson


    One of my fond memories from Ubon. A letter from my brother, my biggest fan.
  6. I can relate to the maintenance guys flying on Blind Bat missions because I was one of them. I was in the Prop shop tdy out of Naha. I flew at least once a month and my last flight was on 56-0477. May 2, 1968 I flew and then rotated back to Naha. I only knew the crew because of that one flight but I will never forget them. On a side note, I came across photos of the recovery process where 0477 was found but can't get back to the link. If anyone has these I would like to see them again. It's an touching process the MIA teams do. Ron
  7. Sonny, i'll remember this joke next time I see a parking ticket. Funny! BTY I'm going to try to email you about a flight we were on together at Ubon on 56-0533. Something I'm working on. thanks Ron
  8. Merry Christmas and wishing you a successful recovery.
  9. Fellow Herks, It's been a long time, but my experience with leaflets is as follows. In 1967 I was a Prop repairmen in Naha, and after some time I was sent to Ubon RTAFB in early 1968 to replace another Airman in support of the 'Blind Bat' flare planes. It was a chance to get some 'Air' time. I flew on every plane that would let me join as an extra crewman. I repaired the planes during the day and flew every night I could. it was exciting for a 21 year old. One plane came through to drop leaflets. My time with that plane was very brief but I did save a couple of leaflets. I'll try to attach them. They are also posted on My photos. Ron
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