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ICS control issue in C-130B

Kamrul Ahsan

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Hello brother

In C-130B model, if VHF 1 or 2 is selected from either pilot or copilot side ,, the RT reception is also found from opposite position, that is if VHF 1 is selected from captain side, Copilot can here that call at the same time in a  large volume. Where could be the problem?? Nav side and Flt engr position is ok.. only problem with pilot and copilot side.


Thank you in Advance 

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What ICS system do you have? The following info is for the AIC-14 system...

Change the P and CP AMP selected from Norm to Alt 1 or Alt 2 

Also inside the ICS and Radio select boxes there is a jumper to "change the function of the box (same box two functions) make sure the jumper it tight (remove clean contacts and reinsert jumper)

If there is a problem with the ICS the boxes will change to a sort of "Hot Mic" function connecting the P and CP ICS


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