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Booster pressure


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I have a plane that when doing engine runs 1 and 2 shut down normally and pressure bleeds down immediately. But booster side 3 and 4 i need to move flight controls in order to bleed it down. Any experiences with this for any of you? I thought maybe transmitter but pressure stays until flight controls depressurized it upon moving them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys. 

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Elevator boost pack is what bleeds down pressure in both systems.  

If you pressurize booster and utility, and shut off the elevator boost pack shutoff valves, the systems will hold pressure after shutting down engines.  Not forever but noticeably longer than without the elevator boost packs shutoff. 

If you also hold the elevators neutral, the pressure will not deplete.  If the elevators are on the stops (yoke forward) the 3.8 GPM bypass will quickly deplete pressure 

Long story short, I would look at the elevator boost pack in relation to booster side.  Bypass not bypassing when elevator is forward on the stops, elevator booster shutoff valve partially closed, booster return filters clogged

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