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Herk @ Camp Perry?


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I was looking around awhile back on google earth and noticed that there was a Herk parked out on Camp Perry here in Virginia.

Camp Perry is only a few miles up I-64 from my house here in Newport News and I'm thinking about paying it a visit and trying to get some pictures of it. Now thats if they don't run me off eh!!! May give it a shot this coming weekend.

Anyone know what Tail it is?



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I am 95% sure it is 57-0519 c/n [cn]3226[/cn] , but the CIA says they do not have it.

It came from the RI ANG. It was supposedly delivered to the CIA at Langley AFB, in Jan 1989 and flown to Camp Perry. I would really like to get a picture of it.

I have not been to Camp Perry, "The Farm," since 1971, when I was in 37 TAS at Langley.

Good luck getting on the base.

I can't even get them to answer a phone call or letter.


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No explosives, no Cameras and no alcohol? What kind of place is this? I for one won't be visiting anytime soon.

Now that the joking is out of the way. According the Lars book of many things C-130, it is 519. I'll ask around, see if anyone has heard anything about it.

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