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Determining Component Replacement Items

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First let me all say Hello to everyone! Newbie here!

Im applying for a job as a Planning Assistant and have been asked to create test maintenance program for a specific type of aircraft and scenarios accompanying it, in this case a Lockheed C130B set for PDM Jan 2008. I have a basic set of maint. programs to get reference from, but will appreciate your help in determining the following:

1) Which main Components are to be replaced?

2) Which small components are to be replaced?

The scenario is:

a)Aircraft total Flying hours is 17,920.00

b)Aircraft status is unserviceable.

c)Aircraft\'s last PDM is 82 months ago.

d)Aircraft flying hours since last PDM is 540.00 hrs only

Any help would be appreciated. My sincerest thanks to you sirs/mesdames.

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