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C-130 12000 lb laser

Muff Millen

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The one mile kill radius thing is BS. Its an unconfirmed answer to someones question, and I have a huge problem believing that the small amount (relatively) of chemicals would be lethal outside of 2 or 300 feet (Probably some green peacer type smelly hippy homo made that answer!).

No collateral damage, targets that melt, man where is the fun in that?

Of course if they could manage to make hadji\'s melt that would make good footage but I much prefer to watch their bits clear the explosion :)


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We were just beginning to look into this project when I left ASETS in 98. It is awesome to see it come to fruition.

My understanding is that the turret was be to pulled from 55-0022 (NC-130A) following it\'s retirement and installed in c/n [cn]4131[/cn] 65-0979(HC-130H re designated NC-130H.) Looks like that has happened.

Here is a pic of 979 taken from 22.

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Muff Millen wrote:

Check out this web site for the latest info on the Boing laser http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/22975

Very interesting.


This aircraft is currently at Kirtland AFB. From what I hear from some of my aerial delivery friends (loadmasters) that have helped load the laser components in the back it, it\'s pretty cool looking...lot\'s of weird stuff...Also, I go to school at night with some Boeing guys that have helped out with some of the laser testing. Cool stories...

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