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Herk F/O\'s and FE\'s


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Hey DC10FE, at American, they called us Flight Engineers, not second officers, because that was our job. Took me three years to move out of the \"plumber\'s\" seat to the right seat, and I had to move to the MD80 where the FO had a real job to do that. I spent 11 years in the A/B/E/H model and always had the utmost regard for the FEs I flew with, but nothing made me appreciate them more than doing the job myself.


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I was on the ICE from 85-88 and 94-97, \"The ice is nice, But CHCH is peachey.\"

Another duty of the FO\'s on B727 was as a bird strike deflector for the FE.

DC-10FE- send me your email address, I have a story about the Humbo shootdowns.

AS far as a concrte runway near the Pole.. The ice at the pole is 10,000ft, that is a long way to dig to hit dirt. AS far as any other concrete runways, if I remember right there is a treaty that says no permanent runways allowed.

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Mortarbait wrote:

HerkPFE. Biil Hicks was my loadmaster in the 86-87 season on the ice. Satan just arrived in the squadron as I was leaving, and I think he was an AT before he became an LDO. Don\'t know Roy williams.

Bill was my Load at VR-54 and he worked with me in Safety/Natops. Last I heard (well after I retired) that he was going to P-3 FE school and being stationed at NAS Willow Grove.

Satan was our Safety/Natops Officer and then he came down after I went to run MXC to become the AMO. He made 0-5 and went to the G-V squadron in HI as the OinC. Last I heard he retired in P\'cola and is driving a corporate jet.

Did you ever fly with Rick DeRosier or Vipperman?

Take Care,

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