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bleedair leak test


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let me clarify, what I meant was the bleedair test on the aircraft ==> between engine and bleedairsystem,airco system, leading edge,connections on plumbing ect..

on the engine test stand, we put a man on the stand with the prop in discing and check with our hands or a thermoprobe

greetz bob

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Bob, no real difference to what I said. However, having had a few hours to think, your

thermal camera idea may have a lot of merit .......

Thermal cameras could be helpful in some cases. When the MC Shadows first got the FLIR we used to watch the wing leading edge heat up during the LE anti-ice checks. You could count the leading edge ribs even. Had one aircraft that the right outer wing continued to show warmer than the rest of the wing after the leading edge AI was turned off but didn't get an overheat. When we wrote it up, Mx told us the FLIR was not approved for troubleshooting and didn't follow up. About one week later it came back with a wing overheat, cracked expansion compensator right where the FLIR showed a hotspot.


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