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Performance Manual Question


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Ok, here is a question for all of you Engineer\'s out there... On the four engine Time, Fuel and Distance to climb charts there is a Temp Dev correction on the third page, I believe, for an all bleed on condition. The baseline is -30. Anyone have any idea why the base line is -30 instead of 0? The three engine climb charts don\'t have this correction, I assume because they assume you are bleeds closed.


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I took a look at the charts mentioned what if... I hate when pepole say that but here goes....

What if the baseline value should be 0 not -30 and then you correct up or down for non standard day temps?

A colder day would \"bleed\" less energy (very small change from baseline) and cause a better(reduction)time to climb and a hotter day would bleed more energy and would result in a slower time to climb...right?

I agree with you on the 3 eng chart bleeds would be off that is if you got permission to do a three engine TO...

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