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  1. OBE….at least for those airplanes, as they’ve been retired now. The unit got H3s now, and I’m all done flying the Herc now.
  2. My understanding was the 3.5 upgraded the turbine, not the compressor.
  3. Sounds like some with the AUX VENT circuit? I remember the only time they open is in OFF & AUX VENT...but tripping when you shut down the cargo pack...maybe not. It’s likely a valve, versus a solenoid, right? What about the underfloor heat valve? Doesn’t it also close when you shut down the cargo AC? My experience is only on Es & Hs, so not sure what differences in the J....but you didn’t say what model you’re on.
  4. Is that the check valve separating the cargo AC pack ducting from the fuselage AC ducting within the pressurized area?
  5. And remember, on those older E models, you have the two urinal drain bleeds, in addition to the jet pump on the outflow valve and the safety valve constant flow points.
  6. Thought really hard about going to Clovis in 2008 or so...buddy of mine stood up the 75th. Glad I didn’t.
  7. So I’m confused. When was it converted to a gunship, and when did it make it’s first gunship kill? Or, was it considered a “gunship” as a MC-W?
  8. Ok, well I have to admit I don’t remember Herk in my early C-130 career....but, I do know that wouldn’t be the only thing I wasn’t aware of! Thanks for the info hehe. ok, now I can redirect my grumpiness to something else!
  9. So when did the spelling (or in this case the abbreviation) for Hercules change?? I don’t remember the alternate spelling showing up until roughly when the J started showing up. Is this coincidental ,or do I just hate the J that much? Or, am I just getting too old & grumpy?? I thought each generation was supposed to get smarter than the previous...
  10. Does your Herc have the full comm panel in the back? If so, make sure the selector switch (wafer) is on INT, or that you have INT button pulled up. Seems maybe too simplistic, but you have to start simple sometimes.
  11. Love that they show the old E model! 61st was my first flying squadron!
  12. Congratulations USAF! Only 20 or so years behind the Navy on this one....waaayyyy overdue!
  13. I remember a very good restaurant we called "The Log", but maybe only because it had a large log out front that was made a bench. Think it's actually called Der Gundhof. I know we walked through some small gate out the backside somewhere. One of the best steaks I've had in my life!
  14. But, if you end up operating that engine in NULL, it WILL overtemp, maybe over-torque. Like always, if operating in NULL (or not), you must very carefully watch for this when advancing the throttles.
  15. I know most of you have read the Talon raid on USS Nimitz story. That involved LMs sitting on the ramp.
  16. Nice camera angle makes it look truly like it went inverted. Folks on the ground there say it didn't quite get there.
  17. A system failure on all 4 props at once....you're talking probability numbers to the 20th or 30th decimal! I would discount that possibility...or, go get a lottery ticket! What was the aircraft speed when beta was selected?? And, what do you refer to by:
  18. If you're operating the aircraft, then you will find the ACN in the flight manual.
  19. AMPTestFE


    The Reno airplanes are now retired...at least the ones we had (0475, 0476) We have 0324 for a little longer...but not much.
  20. AMPTestFE


    We (MTANG) have been approved for the prop & eng upgrades...finally. But it will be a couple of years before these are done. I keep looking for info on the AMP increments, but all I find is a deep black hole.
  21. AMPTestFE


    Not that I'm aware of. AFSOC's decision to pull out of the AMP game is a big reason the whole thing fell apart as we knew it. Lower number of airplanes to modify only increased the per-tail cost. Some guy with AFSOC called me a few years ago wondering what AMCs plans were for the 5 at LRF....mentioned interest from AFSOC in grabbing those for whatever reason. That really set me off in a bad mood!
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