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  1. Our birds have a flap asymmetry system which we check by jumping out the terminal board after the wing box. Also the hydraulic system on our plane has to be deep pressurized in order to reset the emergency flat brake
  2. I've seen it before but there was a crack in the compressor. We had to borescope it to find it
  3. Good afternoon all, I'm having a problem with the C-130J APU. Every time we place the APU control switch to run the APU begins to start, the EGT and RPMs start to rise. Been checking all the relays and such not finding anything. Anybody seen this before?
  4. During the generator ops check, the book tells you to sequentially turn on/off the generators to tell you if the generator can handle the load of the aircraft. When generator 2,3,4 are off generator #1 shows high voltage on phase B only (121 volts). Along with that, we are getting ECBU's 6,7,8 input failures. We have changed GCU, engine generator and swapped BIU's. We still are getting the same problem. Any input will help. Thanks in advance
  5. We have shot the 1553 to the mfcd with no results. It did actually work for about 3 days after an ecbu#12 change, but then went back to not indicating. We can't find anything in the wiring diagrams relating ecbu #12 to this discrepancy however. we're currently submitting a tar
  6. Yes aft ads pnl and flight deck lights are indicating only the MFCD is not. It worked for a day or two when we canned an ecbu for another plane but then failed again shortly after...
  7. Aircraft returned from a LAIRCM mod again... The MFCD will not indicate the ramp/door being in ADS position. We've swapped MFCDs, so MFCD is not the problem. All other ramp/door in ADS position indications are working properly. Literally the ONLY thing that is not happening is ramp/door indication on MFCD. We've checked all plugs/jacks/terminal boards/ diodes etc. and haven't found anything wrong. It's still allowing aircraft to jettison cargo even though it shouldn't without the MFCD indicating that the ramp/door are in the proper position. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Mr. Sickof Chasingmytail
  8. Thanks for the help, you hit the nail on the head. Cannon plug was half connected near hydraulic reservoir. Thanks
  9. We did thanks. The mod guys left a cannon plug half connected
  10. I have an ECHS problem. One of our strech J's has all of the RH pallet locks, and PLCUs, not communicating with the MFCD. Actually it's all RH side and the LH side ramp locks that cannot be controlled/not communicating. Our bird just came back from Depot for the LAIRCM mod and now the pallet locks are jacked up. I've been looking in the WD but can't find anything that's in common with one whole side or the other. Any input is welcome/needed as I'm not too "savy" on this particular system. Please and thank you SIGNED Mr. Sickof Chasingmytail
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