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On 9/5/2016 at 1:36 PM, Mt.crewchief said:

Here are the pictures of the David Beesley that I knew well. I do remember he was married, and I see in my blanket order pic in my gallery he was on separate rats..  I remember him as being fairly stocky/muscular and had a great sense of humor. One night down in the "Dozen" he saved Wes Eckert  from getting his outfit cut off by a guy selling "skibbe pictures" All Wes did was offer to show the guy his "crank"! Then he went around the rest of the evening saying "God bless David Beesley for he saved my crank" . I know this may be a family forum, but I know almost all of us guys had some very humorous moments  away from home.  Sometimes my wife will

look at me thinking what the hell is wrong with you when one of those old 40+ year old memories pops into my head.

The picture is one I drug out of my old slides of a violin Dave bought downtown and he was wearing his smoking jacket or whatever serenading some of guys in the barracks. (#336) by the way.

Hope he is the same one we know. Dave, if you ever visit this forum, congratulations on your promotions.!




Ken thats the same Dave for sure, had a good singing voice too. He called me a few years back and told me  retired as chief then went back and retired again a as a civilian at Tinker in OKC, I lost his contact info and cannot find him by any means that I've tried. We went thru basic and tech school together then were re-united at CCK. I was his assistant before I got my own bird, boy did we have a ball.



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Lynn,  I am glad I didn't miss your post. I am starting to get back up to speed on my favorite forum. Okay, so you knew Dave well. I was at CCK from March 69 to June 70. It seems like I knew Dave all of that time, but probably not. That picture was taken in Steve Mudge's and Dennis (Red) Guinane's room. Tony Martone lived in that room also, but he wasn't one of the regular gang. The gang I am talking about is Me, Red and Steve, Wes Eckert, Dave Glanville, Dave Beesley, and maybe a few more.Later on John Chase was usually around also. He and I were at Naha together before CCK. I am in touch almost daily with Red and Steve. Dave Glanville joined this forum, but I think he has/had some major medical problems and I haven't heard for or about him in a long time. Oh, just remembered another of the group----Pete McPheters. I am now in touch with him also. Another guy you might know is a good friend of Red's and Steve's is Ted Skidmore. He is also on on our e-mail list. He and I don't remember each other, but we have mutual friends. Have you looked at my gallery? Most of those guys are in there plus ----maybe you!!;)

 I know you and I have talked before on the old forum a long time ago but maybe our memories are fresher now!:lol:

Take care Lynn and/or Dearstone, and let's see if we can't straighten out some of our memories. I know there are several more guys that were at CCK during our tours there. On this forum! It would be neat to see how many of knew or should have known each other. Sort of a reunion ---hell, even if I don't remember everything, I could make something up!


Ken    ACFT 62-1804  CCK  4/69--6/70  Barracks 336  Dirty Dozen part time/ Mongolian Barbeque main dining!!!  




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