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I watched it on the National Geographics channel last night.

I was hopeing they would show more of the planes, specially the C-130,s.

They did for an instant flash a couple that had burned out.

I left there in Nov. of 66 after a 17 month tour at Naha

and where ever else they sent me.

I went to Ubon for supposidely 60 days and had to sign a waver that I wouldn\'t take the 30 days off of my tour.

When I got there they put me on swing shift tracking down specialest when the planes were about to abort the evening missions. I think I actually stayed there about 7 days and went back to Naha.

And yes they did give me that 30 days on my early out, and I didn\'t complain one bit.

I had 90 days left whenI got back to the states so they let me out. 60 days of that was leave time.

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Guest cobra935o

They played that Vietnam show a few months back too, lots of good stuff in there, they may be re running it cause of the Olympics.

Normally unless you are flight crew, or an MEGP you arent going to be on the orders, doesnt matter if you were a pee on or not. Thats why I always made sure when we had something important going on (tax free, whatever) that I knew the FE, and he would hand write me on when I was maint!


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I guess i was lucky i was having a record check at cbpo after i got back from a tour at CCK and Clark and they gave me a copy of all my travel voucher\'s that had all the trip\'s i went to Vietam. I also received a Air Force Commendation Medal while at Cam Ranh Bay. Two load masters got drunk and went to sleep smoking in the barraks and set there bed on fire and passed out. i had to kick the door down an drag one of them out. I guess i am a pack rat i always saved all of the paper work i got back after a record check so i never had any trouble proveing boots on the ground in Vietam. Twenty years after the war i was put in the hospital for a week they said had PTSD from the war i had never heard of PTSD. V.A. approved my claim and started sending me a check. If you can come up with a travle voucher that will be all you need.

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What I am about to say is for all of the troops that are now serving in the Armed Service\'s Today. To late for all of us old F_rts.

As WWII Vet told me back in 1956 after I reported to the 70th SRW at Little Rock AFB, AR.


It may save you one of the followng: Money, Time, Money and Trouble.

(Not to mention Money.)

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Hi guys, I\'m not sure where this thread got started but it is valuable. I served with the 464TCW in 1965 and with the 776th in 1966 most of those two years \"in country\". It wasn\'t until 2 years ago that a VA shrink diagnosed me with PTSD. For the first few months I had a h--l of a time proving that I was boots on ground. Then out of no where, \"someone discovered\" that I had been awarded the Bronze Star for the Nha Trang shuttle. Records for us crew chiefs are practically non existant, but don\'t give up. If you happen to know one of the guys you served with in Vietnam a \"buddy letter\" will go a long way. Like the shrink told me \"we owe you guys\"!:)

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