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  1. On the ABCCC mission out of Vietnam we flew 12 hours flying circles. I did sleep some times
  2. I know that most FE and LM has flown the ci30. I will tell my story. we were coming back from the shuttle to CRB one night and the pilot wanted to do some touch and goes. He asked me and the load master to get in the pilot seat he got in the co pilot seat so I got in and gave it a try. I did 4 or 5 . I know the pilot really did most of the flying. I did like the go around. the load master got in the seat and he did a lot a lot better than I did
  3. I am a 100% disable vet and also retried Air force and have Tricare for life. last week I was reading in the air force times and saw were a 100%disable vet was told if he went to the VA. for a non service connected disability he would have to pay Tricare for life. I called Tricare for life and they said that was so some law was passed in 2013 I tried to get them to call the VA. They said they would not. I went to the Oklahoma City medical center and asked them about this and they told me they didn't care what Tricare care for life said If I came to the VA for a medical problem I would not have to pay any body. I tried to get them to call Tricare for life and tell they would not. They thought Tricare for life was wrong and told me not to worry about it. Has any of you all heard any thing about this.
  4. Has any of you came close to forgetting the nose gear pin in. I have to say I have once in Vietnam. Just after engine run check before take off I seen the pin on the back of the pilot seat. I told the pilot and got out and removed the pin. the tower called and wanted to know what we were doing the pilot told them we were checking a tire. I had ben flying with the pilot a long time and it didn't seem to bother him but it sure bother me.
  5. I have a DVD about the four horseman also It showed a c130B with 2 jet engines . I was flew the B model for 3 years at Clark and have never seen or heard of a B model with jet engines. has any one seen one.
  6. I was lucky when I left Clark in 71 the SQ gave me records with all the days I was in Vietnam and all the combat missions Iflown and I had many travel voucher. I was a FE in the772 SQ. I am 100% disable after 4 heart heart by passes and rated 70% with PTSD. I still don,t know why I have ptsd
  7. Prop brake. I was taught a little different . I was taught that when you made a windmill taxi start you were in the pitch lock range there fore the prop is pitch locked and the only way it can become un locked is to increase blade angel. and the nts system does that. when decend you have to move the throttles up to stop the native torque some times.
  8. I was reading your post about the prop brake and i thought about another queston. When you do a windmill taxie start you line up prop with cuf. that the puts the prop in the pitch range so the prop is is pitch locked when you start down the runway. how does it get un locked.
  9. cfisher

    Pay Days

    Last year us retires had to pay taxes on thirteen pay days do we pay on just eleven this year to get even
  10. You people need to move to oklahoma . I filed a claim for agent orange. my heart DR. said i had had 4 by passes I had my claim aproved in about two months.
  11. I was having with-drawal pains I thought we had lost it for ever.There is nothing like talking to another C130 VET no body else would understand.
  12. Ihave been trying ti find herky birds.com for nearly a month and could not find it Ithought shut it down. Why didn't some one tell us about the change.
  13. Dan I always wonder what you looked like. over the years i have read many of your post. You are a mern looking dude. No offence intrnded
  14. I recevied notice from the VA yesterday that i would be getting 100% disibilty for ptsd and ichmeic disease. When 1 added up all my retermets and saw what i would be getting a year I nearly fell out of my chair. Also in OKLA. you don't have to pay proprety tax or sales tax car tags are only 10 dollars and you don't have to pay excise when you buy a car. you get free hunting and fifhing for life.Oklahoma is very good to the 100% disable vets. You people that is fighting the system dont give up. I didn't want a dollar i didn't earn but i wanted ever one i had comming to me. The gave me a choice to use a VA Dr.or a contract DR. I chose a contract DR. If you have choice i would go with contract DR. I had asked my mental helth DR.at the VA if i should file a claim for PDST and he didn'tthink so.
  15. I don't under stand why the folks on this site that has 6 pages on it only three of us has contacted military records and got our travel voucher. showing we had boots on the ground in Vietam. Please try to do that first. If we did it there is no reason youall can't
  16. I got a notice a few days ago they had reviewed my claim for Icemic heart diemic disease and raised my total disability from 80% to 90%
  17. FLAPS UP Once while flying in Vietnam We got a call to go to a place i never heard of. Our troops were being over run. when we got ther we couldn't make radio contact so we made a call in the blind and landed. After we landed i seen the bambo tower was blownup. Mortors were hiting about 150 yards be hind us . The load open the ramp and door and the troops came runing on till we were full and we took off. There were tall trees at the end of the run way as we got close to the end of the run way the pucker factor went way up we didn't clear the trees by much. The co polit started reading the after take ck list when he came to flaps up guees what they were up.
  18. I sure would like ti have a copy My address is Charles Fisher 50595 101st ST Stratford Oklahoma 74872 If you will give me your address i will send you a dvd I got from amazon . com it shows the transport of a elephant from a special campto Chu lai. it also has a lot of other things. The dvd is called C130 operations in Vietnam. I just bought it had to pay $29 for it.
  19. I was reading in the air force times we were going to have 13 pay days in 2011 because they were going to change the date we are going to get payed in 2012. They said we were going to get paid 12 times in 2012. I have read the statement over and over and i don't understand it. I know we are not going to get any extra money. Can anybody explain?
  20. go to you tub type in tiger lake cam ranh bay Vietnam
  21. Go to you tub and type in Tiger lake Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam
  22. Go to Amazon.com:C-130 Hercules Operation in Vietnam you will get any thing anytime anwere 463 tactial airlift operation Juction City Resupply Khe sanh Crash at Tan Son nhut C130 transport of elephant from special forces camp tochu lai. but you have to pay for it
  23. Go to you tub and type in C130 at Khe San Vietnam and the battel of Khe San and you will se parts of the Jonh wayne Viedo
  24. i asked them only what i wanted and that was all If . Be sure to ask them for what you want.
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