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    flying on C-130's for 24years
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  1. I am seeking a C130 slipstick in good condition. Thanks, Steve
  2. Yes I am still flying at Dobbins, going on 27 years I remember watching that video at Sheppard back in 1985
  3. Can anybody tell me where I can find the video starring John Wayne? I believe the name is 1972 The way It Is. Thanks
  4. That is true, I am partial to the 130 it is the only airplane I have been a crewmember on. The J model is a nice airplane.
  5. Have you thought about trying to go to Charleston? After 25 years on H models I would not mind trying C-17's or J models. What I have heard about Spec Ops is that you are deployed all the time for 4 to 6 months at a time and when you are not deployed you are still tdy alot. It appears from your bio that you have not done any type of low level work it can be rough on the body try standing up on a roller coaster while it is in motion, because you are more than likely to be at 250 to 300ft AGL and you are going to mobile in the cargo compartment doing your checks prior to the drop. With that being said I still enjoy airdrop I just like doing at night it is less bumpy and the altitudes are a little higher Talk to your cheif and see if you can go to airdrop school on the 17. I find the 130 mission to be more gratifying along with more work.
  6. ezmoney


    1 trip that sticks out is going to Turkey, breaking at Mildenhall and getting kicked out of the Bird and Hand motel
  7. Imiss using the slip stick, the younger guys at my reserve unit look at me when ever I mention it, like what is that they have never seen one
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