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I am a new member, I would like to know if there are any old timers that may have served in the 29th TCS from late 65 to mid 67, also people who may have served at Lajes fied in the late 60's early 70's. I was a crew chief at both locations and am intrested in knowing what has become of some of the old timers.

Thank you

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I was a very young/green A3C electrican in the 4505th ARS out of Langely, VA. We were a TAC aerial refueling wing. We were equiped with KB50J & KB50K Tankers. Four 4360 Radial's and two J47 Jets. Our aircraft were set up to refuel 3 aircraft of the era simultaneously The Radial engines would run out of oil before we ran out of fuel. We had a 30 day rotation to Lajes and Bermuda.

I wasn't in long before the 463rd TCW from Steward TN moved to Langely and the KB50's were deactivated. Lajes wasn't much, and that's about all I remember after 48 years.

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