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    29 th TCS both Forbes and Clark Field Arived Clark Nov. 65 Dept June 67 also served with the 57 th Air Rescue 69-70. would like to hear from anyone,.
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  1. Mr. Muff Millen hit it on the head, when I was a c/c in 65-67 we all had a little blk. book we used and shared info. freely we improvised and kept them flying, with the use of broom handles duct tape and inginuity.
  2. Try going to Glenbeck , play his Memorial day Essay I think it might be the same thing.
  3. Your are so right that Lajes wasn't much , I was in the 57 th Air Sea Rescue so we were gone most of the time, In support of the Apollo Missions or normal TDY, we went to Denmark quite a bit which was hard to take but we survived.
  4. Hello: I am a new member, I would like to know if there are any old timers that may have served in the 29th TCS from late 65 to mid 67, also people who may have served at Lajes fied in the late 60's early 70's. I was a crew chief at both locations and am intrested in knowing what has become of some of the old timers. Thank you
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