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  1. All AD, Guard and Res E's, H1's and H2's that didn't have it installed during manufacture got SCNS, one B was done as a testbed but it was decided to not do the B's as they would be retired soon. All HC's and WC's got SCNS too.
  2. It is what is left of the Polish Herk. last time I saw it it was sitting nose in the air engines and wings have been removed.
  3. The H2.5 as they are call were done by TCTO, at the same time EFIS was installed, the guard was going to do the entire fleet of H's but since AMP was going to "fix" everything the mods stopped. Just goes to show you how old the AMP program is! My 2 cents
  4. It looks like inflight a Brit J, you can see the outline of where the inflight refueling probe goes just above the right circle.
  5. The 3000 psi brakes didn't show up untill about 83 models, oldest H2's don't have them, from what I gather the reason it was done was there was more braking avalible than the 2030 brakes could supply under certain conditions. when I do FCF's on dry runways it is very hard to get the anti skid to cycle to verify operations. My 2 cents.
  6. I've been to 33k, however when our 80's were new we took off the external tanks do to a problem with them for a short time, had one crew go to 42k, great fuel flow!
  7. Not sure what a Privateer is, the plane in the background is a Navy B24. four engines but has one tall tail right?
  8. That's a good article Tiny, just to add to the fun, the Guard 78,79 and 80 tails had there outer wings swapped the B models in the early 90's just before the B's went the boneyard, added several K to our aircraft weight. We call them stiff wings.
  9. In LSGI the fuel nozzles are being cooled by bleed air coming into the burner section. I know it sounds confusing. The bleed air in LSGI is cooler than normal GI and the temp where JP-8 cokes is just higher that the air coming in. So if we don't allow the fuel nozzles to cool then they are more likely to coke than with the 2 min cool down. Hope this answers your question.
  10. ADI Sel switch to Norm applies to H3's and H2 with EFIS (Glass flight instr), when in SKE it's giving different information to the EADI, it's hard to complete a preflight when the ADI isn't displaying the proper information on the Autopilot check. Hope this clears some of this up.
  11. Mansfield tails to St Joe and St Joes going to Little Rock Guard.
  12. And the light still exist to this day in the same compartment. The lens case should be on the Nav's table.
  13. We had the same failure before, it caused both main tire to deflate, the plugs melted as advertised! Cause was the same anti-skid valves not porting pressure.
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