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Coast Guard C-130

Bill Barnes

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I have a calander from the Air Force Enlisted Village, on the May photo section it showes a Coast Guard C-130 flying with the ramp open and a boom sticking out each side of the opening, a thin film of liquid is spraying out of the length of the booms. Does anyone know what they are spraying?:confused:

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That would be the ADDS Pack Oil Dispersant system. The system was designed to be a roll-on roll-off quick response unit. Tank holds 5000 gallons. It was designed for use on any C-130, but mainly for the L-100s. It uses the 25K chains for tiedown. Had to pull the rails to carry it, but later, adapter plates were fabricated to allow use of the rails for tiedown.

It started in Alaska with a backup requirement for commercial Herks. Lynden Air does it now, Southern Air Had it first. The CG also operates support out of Barbers Point, HI and Clearwater, FL. Pretty neat design. It will spray up to 600 gpm out of the booms.

The unit weighs about 5K lbs. Power is tapped off the bus contactors for AC and off a TR for DC. Two pump motors and a DC motor to extend and retract the booms.

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