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"The U.S. Navy is currently flight-testing the C-130 version of EPCS. The EPCS replaces the HS 54H60 mechanical valve housing control and syncrophaser to achieve logistics savings. It is designed to provide a higher level of reliability and to simplify the propeller control calibration. This control architecture was also used on the NP2000 eight-blade propeller now being fielded on the E-2C aircraft."

This is from a 2005 HS news release. I was wondering if anyone from the Navy side had any feedback with using the EPCS, especially any secondary benefits like component and systems reliability improvements, etc. I know th eEPCS has been discussed in the past but I am seeing if there is any new data out there.


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Nothing going with the Navy any longer (aircraft was demoded a year ago....)

EPCS was a great thing.. I liked it. It was very easy to rig and had flawless prop speed control. USMC was looking at the EPCS but the J Model pretty much killed that and AMP was the Navys next investment, then came PMD's, EHSI's and the EIDS so they(Navy) may elect to use the data at a later date as of now have no plans to do so....

So any NEW info would have to come from Wy ANG or NY (Ski Birds I think) you can always check out the following link...... http://www.herkybirds.com/forums/showthread.php?t=37

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