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Emergency Hatches


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While I do think it is still labeled as a matter of convenience - as in -"There. I have completed my drawing, and it is off to the printer's. Dang. Looks like I forgot to number my diagram. Better hurry up."

If this image is from the ditching section, could the numbers refer to the order of preference for exiting the aircraft?


When I used to have to conduct fire evac with kids - I would use "the big words" for all of the escapes. I realized I would have to come down to their level of intelligence, when they kept saying "you mean 1, 5,3, 2..."

Five was the roof hatch. They labeled it five, because that was the one that would be the least likely to ever be used and the hardest to access. (Unless the bus was on it's side)

(But now they know it as roof hatch, instead of number five or "santa's hatch")

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My bad -- RD = Rapid Depressurization. I checked the TO (and Ya'll keep in mind this -1 is dated 1 Oct 98). In section 1 it describes it as the "Emergency Depressurization Door" (in about the area in the TO where they "talk" about things like the cabin pressure controller, safety valve etc. Later in section one it addresses the emergency escape exits for the overheads as Overhead Escape Hatches.


(its official - I got an instant headache when I first opened the TO and saw SS's & OS's! EEE-gads!)

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