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Missionary Flight International Needs Help

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The following was submitted through the Contact Us link on the site. Can anyone help them out or point them in the direction of some help?


To Whom it may concern,

My name is Wayne Graham and I am trying to locate a C130 that can be used to fly relief supplies from Ft. Pierce Florida to Port Au Prince Haiti. I am helping an organization called Missionary Flights International..you can get more info on them at www.missionaryflights.org They have tons of donated supplies in their warehouse but lack the greatest transport plane ever designed for such a task..the C130. If you know of anyone who would like to save lives and make a difference, please contact me at 919 696 7909..this is an urgent request.

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The Joint Operational Support Airlift Center (JOSAC) is the single manager for scheduling all Department of Defense's (DOD) continental United States (CONUS) Operational Support Airlift (OSA) requirements.

JOSAC personnel may be reached by dialing COMM 618-229-0475 or DSN 779-0475 . Listen to the phone menu and select the day's scheduling team or office you want to contact.

I'm sure they can point you in the right direction...


DAYTIME PHONE (504) 678-1185

AFTER HOURS (504) 678-1184

PHONE FAX (504) 678-5826

24hr/7days a week

Good luck, GOD BLESS..

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(DOD) continental United States (CONUS) Operational Support Airlift (OSA)

Thats where they may be able to get some AFSOC airlift support, as they don't fall under any category or airlift aircraft in or out of conus.

I don't know if requests for them would have to go through AFSOC or through USSOCOM out of McDill.

If nothing else its a pretty flight down past the Keys on to Cuba and Haiti/DR


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