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coffee on the herk


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Coffee - well, when I re-trained out of the skycops (there was always one of those larger coffee pot doobers going) I was told by one instrutor when I re-trained (a former 141 LM) to treat any space A PAX as if they were family. I tried my level best. One fine drone (I was with the 40th at the time) we had picked up a few space A's for the last leg to AK. Need one of you FE's to 'splaine this a bit better - no underfloor heat and very little from the overhead. There was an elderly couple aboard that was turning "blue", I offered them some coffee and gave them my winter weight jacket to help. Told the pilot I'd be off interphone for a few then went forward to get the coffee - I know I can't cuss (on the board) and in all truth I don't know what language I was speaking when I went to fill the first cup the whole danged spigot departed the main container and I was getting scalded fast. Nothing near by to plug it with aside from my digits, had to yell up to the FE to pull the trash container out far enough so the coffee would drain into it. I did manage to get two cups from the "flow" before it went dry

I wonder if I was being punished for something - LOL

Bert aka Rowdy aka Fleagle

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