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Canadian Herks


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130611 is in service and will be at the Abbotsford Air Show this weekend. Don't have a delivery date, but it was within the last couple of weeks.

Been a crazy summer. Can't remember if its June, July, August, or July, August & September(wanna say the former) schedule had us putting 5 aircraft over the fence a month... :)

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I think I remember The max prodution rate was 2 per week in the 60's.


My uncle was a F/E during Nam, He asked when I started here if we still had the large flight line full of Herc's. Said he came in here to pick up a new one, and he said his crew got to chose between something like 10 aircraft. The Plane Commander, picked a plane, Lockheed pulled it out of its spot, they did pre-flight and hit the skies. Lockheed told them if during their pre-flight if they found anything wrong with the aircraft let them know, and they could pick out another.

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