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  1. In the Canadian MB-001 AOI, in the emergency section of the pub. The last step for dealing with a ramp lock unlocked inflight, calls for the ramp selector valve to be rotated "counter-clockwise" to position 5 and the aux pump left on.
  2. God no!! 2011?? Way too soon!! The facility is coming along nicely. We wont even have the device checkouts in the factory done until sometime in June. April 2011 is when they can start moving items into the facility but it is not scheduled to start ops until 2012.
  3. Did you tuck her in for me???:-)
  4. We have 2 down for maintenance right now, and even if we get all these deliveries on time, doesn't matter if we don't have crews to fly them. We don't have a school house to train Pilots and Loads in Trenton until 2012 and are still dependant upon JMATS in LR.
  5. The first two airplanes were USAF line Birds. Our aircraft we have purchased were purchased with the extended life wing box.
  6. I can find out for ya! I can also say that by 2017, all E and H models will be moth balled!
  7. hklm

    New Eng!

    1966 was a great year!!! I was born that summer!! :-)
  8. You nailed that one John Boy, besides 426 Sqn(instructional) and TRSET(Headquarters), the airplanes belong to 436 Sqn. If you look at them on the assembly line, they are labeled Canada-436 Sqn. Take Care John Boy, if I am ever flying into Sherbrooke, I will send you an e-mail and let you know we are coming! You should have gone to the Quebec airshow in June for a walk about!
  9. You would be simply amazed at the J model! It is an amazing aircraft, user friendly and very different sounding. It has a distinctly different sound than that of the E or H. It will climb like a rabbit that has been shot in the behind.
  10. Hey John Boy! If I could get it to you, I'd deliver it tomorrow!! LOL How ya doin?
  11. Not that I am aware of! Any of the aircraft that we retire either get recycled to another country, ie Chinooks & 707's, or they are chopped up for spares! We really didn't have alot of aircraft anyhow!
  12. Shane Loader? You must be with the Coast Guard, because I was in Channel Islands with him about 3 months ago and we were discussing manning issues on the J and he was mentioning the Guard. Yea, he's a really good guy, he now works for our OT&E cell here in Trenton.
  13. Ahhhh!! R.P.?? Ryan Peters?? You are correct, he is an excellent guy!!
  14. e-city?? No it doesnt! Should it??
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