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Here's a pic of one of the gunships that was parked among our E's and H's in the desert about 5 years ago. I was fortunate to get a tour of one. I don't think my lower jaw got off the floor for hours after they showed me all the bells and whistles. What a great plane!!! One of the guys that worked for me got a hold of an expended 40mm casing, cut it down, shined it up, and gave it to me right before I left. Still have that on display at my job!


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OK I give up I have searched the net and still no answer, whats LIRCUM ?

try searching for LAIRCM

pronounced like that but...it's actually an acronym...Large Aircraft Infa Red Counter Measure

and not trying to be to knit picky, but I think the U-boats actually have DIRCM...same but different..Digital in place of Large...

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