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  1. For me I remember all to well as I worked the aircraft. I can attest its no fun being under the microscope when the investigation team roles through. Chief was my fathers student back in the day on 124s at RG.
  2. For those of us who remember 838 and it's crew there will be a redidication of the memorial outside of the new 731/52nd building during the August UTA's family day. Anyone needing details can PM.

    Pubs Bag

    Anyone know of a place to get a decent pubs bag preferably with wheels. The issued ones that look like a Samsonite are garbage. Thanks Maxtorq:cool:
  4. I was around then a know the said ACFT and crew well. Chief Vail was a family friend . Summit 38 was a tragic loss. If anybody WIKI's the Summit 838 accident there are a few inaccurate pieces in that write up. Not fun being at the wrong end of a accident investigation board. Anybody that would like to know more just ask.
  5. Correct it is Bldg 1090 . Recently the 344th combined with the 345th in the same building moving the COE . COE is no longer on the Medina side. This particular unit is being used as a logistics trainer. If need be I can wander in and look at for you Bob.
  6. I see what you are saying here but was'nt most of those motors identified some 5 years ago and action taken ? If so was this one of these motors and was a compressor break-in proceedure performed . If it is one of these I don't care what aircrew is flying the bird you won't get it started even in bleed air over ride . The case shrinks too far and locks the compressor up. Ran into two of these compressors one at HS and another at the Deid. Both came back caged unable to start. And both were not indentified in time. Best to bump the numbers on the compressor against you engine manager just for G.P.
  7. Done a sqeal check on the quad seals yet?
  8. Correct to a point. Basic : Aircrew member awarded temporaly 3 level upon completion awarding courses and are permently awarded after successfully completing IQT Senior: Completed 7 years of service and 1300 HRS or have 2,000Hrs 72 PAID months of operational flying duty and have obtained 5 skill level. Chief: After completion of 15years of aviation service and 2300 HRS or have 3000HRS or 144 PAID months of operational flying duty and have obtained 7 skill level. IAW AFI 11-402
  9. From what I've been told IQT and thats it and submit it to the HARM. AFI 11-402 is unclear however.
  10. Congrats , I've seen you a few times in the halls there at the 344th . Get IQT done and make them permanent. Got a weeks left myself then on to the Rock.
  11. All of our 96's had digital gauges but since been replaced back to the analog because they where too eronious. Only digital left is the fuel gauges . 967322 967323 967324 967325.
  12. Here's the lateset from the 910th. http://www.afrc.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123202304
  13. They could I suppose if the tank was never used for MAFFS phoscheck.
  14. I believe the 910th out of Youngstown is or was there .
  15. Just a little tid bit on the MAFFS II platform. http://www.302aw.afrc.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123201343
  16. Dan , Your about four years behind here. The pic on the left was the trial version used a Ramstein. The current version is digitized and not really like the green tiger stripe during the Vietnam era as pictured above. Funny Though.:D
  17. Memory serves me correct I think this is Teguch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1PY_7GNfIw&NR=1
  18. Same here, I roamed the flightline around 130's at the 442nd at RG.
  19. Exactly , thats another reason why you have a brake operator and the APU/GTC running for AC to run the AUX pump for brakes.:cool:
  20. There's no mistaking the Four Fans Of Freedom .:cool:
  21. http://wildfiretoday.com/2010/04/21/maffs-heading-to-south-carolina-for-recertification/
  22. Yes, it took quite a while for the crews to become qualified as I recall along with alot of aircraft testing . One of our planes was a beta test bed . I forget the total hours they tested the system .
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