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Andy Marden

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BTW last I heard there were still 5 A's and a B at Greybull.

3115 56-0507 N132HP

3143 56-0535 N133FF

3166 57-0459 N135HP

3218 57-0511 N134HP

3229 57-0513 N8230H

3537 58-0740

Anyone update these?


Is that a privateer in the background in the second to last pic?

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Well guys!!! I took a look on the pictures up above and "I know it doesn't make sense, but!!!............ How can we show up a pic of an Herc like that. This is like a dead body. I really do not like it. Sorry guys! I had to mention it!! Maybe there's something wrong with me................Boots and reboots me!

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