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  1. I was told that it is because the external air connection is right next to #2 and external power is on the left side as well. So while 3 &4 are being started the age equipment can be removed at the same time.
  2. Hi Laurent, As I recall the kits are the same except that the J kit has the different props and engines. (naturally ) The kit's J engines look like better replicas that the -9's they are supposed to replicate. If you use the kit engines I don't think anyone except us will know the difference. All you will need to do is install the 3 blade parts/ props. As for external tanks you will need to find some that come with F-101 Vodoo's. They have the same tanks. You will need to find a drill bit the same size as the troop windows if you are planning to add landing lights. I will check my parts stash. I am pretty sure that I have all the 3 blade props/parts I also have extra cargo comp windows to use as landing lights. You are on your own as far as finding the external tanks. I have lots of the standard tanks in use today but not the A model ones. You can check out the OZMODS web page in Austraila they used to have an A model conversion set available last time I checked. Let me know if you want /need my spare parts. just let me know where to send them. Good luck, Jerry "Fenmonster" Fenwick
  3. Back in '89 (I think) I was in the first engine run class at Pope that did not jump chocks in the real aircraft. I was looking forward to it. When I did my first real live run, as a coincidence the tail # (1262 I think) was the same as the simulators. --Fenmonster
  4. The Red "X" lounge The AFTO shack The hog trough The porkchop lounge
  5. Bravo rotes were treated like Las Vegas is today.. What happened on rote stayed on rote. Take Care
  6. This may explane the origan of the "green game" we used to play on 141 airdrop msn's. Any use of the word green in any context, at anytime from leaving the chocks at home station to return to home station constitutes buying a round of beer as a "punisment". The fun part was trying to get formation lead to say Greensboro instead of the icode during departure routing readback from ATC. --Jerry "fenmonster" Fenwick
  7. I think the loadmaster could have stuck his Squadron sticker on the nose if he wanted too. Would have been fun to watch the fighter pilot try to explain how it got there when he got back.
  8. fenmonster


    So what did you get her; if I may ask?
  9. Or not flip that switch......
  10. This video is of 0945 crashing doing a lapes at the Sicily DZ at Bragg. There was a dyess acft that crashed a couple of years later doing a heavy drop (I think it was a Sheridan also) Load hung up and a loadmaster jumped up on the tank with a machatte to cut the lines unsucessfully and he was killed on impact. The rest of the crew survived. Jerry "Fenmonster" Fenwick
  11. Congratulations! I remember my first qualified trip without an instructor. Kinda strange to look over at the bunk and its empty for the first time. (C-141)
  12. 29500 on rote at Moldyhole back in 1990. We wanted higher but ATC couldn't give it to us. He then asked if we were trying to set the rote record. Which ended up 35000 by a different crew. Jerry Fenwick
  13. Hi John, Sorry for the delay on the drawings, had other things going on. So far no luck in finding the drawings I'm looking for. I found some small ones in an old maint orientation handbook, but it doesn't show where the pins go. I think I have the shots I'm looking for on a training CD somewhere. I'll see if I can still find them. I know I have seen them somewhere... --Jerry Fenwick
  14. I do! (somewhere) --Jerry Fenwick
  15. I gained 10 pounds in 9 days at Ascension Island. The Marriot or something like that had the food contract at the time. --Jerry Fenmonster Fenwick
  16. I went to the C-141 site right after you posted the DM pic of 614. I was thinking "why does 614 sound familier?" I checked the tail number roster and found out why. Nice to hear the story from someone who was there. Thanks, Jerry Fenwick
  17. Sweet! Hopefully Mike can load them up. I look forward to seeing them. --Thanks, Jerry Fenwick
  18. Just remember to say "non-standard" and be prepared to explain the deviation to the examiner if one is around. --Jerry Fenwick
  19. I was always hoping that at least a couple of "low time" airframes would be stored as opposed to turning them all into beer cans. That way I can hope to be on a ferry flight crew to a museum someplace. I do hope that at least some of 614 will be saved in some manner. That dual engine failure was/is legendary in the heavy world. It was still simulated on two engine day in the sim. For trivia purposes the accident happened at RAAF Richmond down under. An airborne Herk assisted with guiding the 141 back through the river valley to the runway, trailing burning parts the whole way. --Jerry Fenwick
  20. Hi John, You will get a kick of the gear set up when I find the drawings I'm looking for. When you see the complexity of the gear you won't wonder why there were so many gear problems. I was almost done with my first engineer upgrade training after transitioning from the Starlifter. I could'nt conceal my migranes any longer and was permamently grounded. Or as I like to describe it I was drug kicking and screaming from the flight deck. -Jerry Fenwick
  21. I'm gonna have to drag the -1 out now..Just want to make sure that CRS is not kicking in already..I'll see check and see if the bogie will rotate with the pins installed. I'm just glad this isn't a check ride. --Jerry Fenwick
  22. The main gear pins on C-5's were hardly ever installed. I only seen one installed once. That was after some heavy (is there any other kind on a C-5) maintanance. It was even missing the remove before flight streamer. The gear would not have moved at all had it been installed.
  23. I was told at the AMC Museum at Dover AFB that nothing was required to work on the airframes there since they are static and would never fly again. I volunteered to work on 69-6580 after it was retired there. I was it's Crew Chief when the interior/exterior paint schemes were changing and had to follow it thru refurb. I think it was the second one at Pope to have both inside and outside done at the same time. --Jerry Fenwick
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