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That's not just in Georgia. It's everywhere....

The thing I don't get about Georgia (actually the Marietta area) is how come all directions start out "You know where the big chicken is?"....

LOL... Yep your right. Can't stand all the roads are the same name. Jones St, Old Jones St, New Jones St. Also it's pretty damn hard to find a street here that you can drive down for 15 miles, and the name NOT change 3 times. The kicker is the damn intersection near my house....

You are on Due West Road... Come up to the traffic light, if you want to stay on Due West Road, you'd better turn left cause if you go straight you'll be on Acworth Due West Road, and if you happended to turn right your on Kennesaw Due West Road.

Turn signals switches must be a very costly option on cars down here too.

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Actually, down here in middle Georgia, turn signals are optional.

And that isn't bad enough.... some aren't wired correctly. Seems as though some blinkers don't get power for operation until the brakes are used..... and the blinker flash unit finally gets its power from the brake lights

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