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  1. 1. Has the connection on the back of the coupler mount been checked for the #2 side? This is common between #1 AND #2 going to the antenna with the exception of the coupler mating point on the rear of the dual mount. 2. Has a new #1 coupler been installed? Wondering since (ref Fig 4-13 and Fig 4-25 in the -2-13) the ON/OFF (pin J), ANT AVAILABLE and ANT REQUIRED signals come from the #1 coupler and go to the #2 coupler. Just a wild hair, but if the #1 was jacked up and wouldn't supply the proper signal to the #2, then maybe?????? Good luck Bob
  2. NSN: 6850015505386 MIL-D-3716 TYPE IV GRADE H 34JG-40-2-1, (old copy shows 34-42-45, step 5-6) Might need to check with supply on the correct unit of issue.
  3. The "bat" was on the Hurlburt birds, or at least during my time on them. I believe that a large decal was made and applied. Before I retired in '03, I attempted to find the origin of the artwork with the then at the time AFSOC historian. He wasn't aware that the art existed. Hmmm, I never did find out the details, but did locate this artwork which we in turn had a special welcome mat custom made for the AMU or whatever the mx squadrons are called now. Our mats were altered just a little to remove the foam from the mouth of the bat. I would give credit to the artist or developer if known. While during my time at Mildenhall, the nose artwork had much more detail, and I believe was even airbrushed. If I recall, some of old crew dogs told me that the detail had to be toned down just a little because the "hidden in plain site" artwork wasn't very P.C. at the time. Bob
  4. The fill port is used to pressurize the coupler. There is an internal pressure switch that will indicate a coupler fault if the pressure is too low. That family of couplers require somewhere around 8 or 9 PSIG. Having internal dry air is good in an unpressurized mounting location to help prevent coupler internal arcing.
  5. CND... Glad to see your continued dedication to making things work the way that they are suppose to. Ok.... knocking off the layers of dust and digging out my old T2 cheat sheets and stuff... I noticed that on Fig 4-9 of the -2-13, the white is being used from the U77 pin A and going to (TJS-108) ICS plug pin 2. Black goes from the U77 pin B to the ICS plug 4 and then jumpered to the ICS button and RAD button. Hmmmm, I see on my old dwg (1997 when T2 was born) for the ICS cord from Astrocom that white is used from U77 pin B to (TJS-108) ICS plug pin 2, then jumpered to the ICS button and RAD button. Black is from U77 pin A to ICE plug pin 4. The ANR plug is as the -2-13 shows. This is how I believe that you are making your "modified" connections, correct? I notice that on the ICS cord in -2-13, the shield bubble symbol shows the white and black wires crossing over. My old cable dwg does not show these wires crossing... Unfortunately, I haven't seen a copy of the AIC-30 ICD to verify the signal or discretes that the control panel requires to make the PTT's work. Maybe back shop might have a copy of the bench check out? with a little theory? for you to research. To confuse things.... I did see a cheat sheet showing that the AFA cord has the PTT using pin 4 and jumper with headset LO on the headset plug. I do not have any other data for the AFA cord, and I don't remember seeing anything thing on the build up in the -2-13. IF my old cord drawing happens to be correct(???).... I wonder about the possiblity of the t.o. being updated by someone that confused the AFA cord PTT connections with the ANR cord PTT??? Good luck with your research and repairs. Bob
  6. MC-E, MC-P, HC-x? The 1C-130(H)H-4 shows some of the yoke hydro lines in the nose. Around figure 171. Not sure if this is in the newer -4's or not. Hydro stuff is Fig. 170 thru 182 inan older version. Also... maybe the (H)H-2-9 or (H)H-2-12 books. Theses may have been phased out due to the newer OMMS manuals. Good luck. Bob
  7. .....and the screws (hundreds of them!) were a real bummer too! Those that didn't come out at the first go around usually had jacked up heads and had to be drilled because the last guy was too lazy to come down from the cherry picker and get some new ones from bench stock or order what they didn't have. THEN you had to worry about which screws almost came out just to have the nutplates bust loose. I was real glad to see the blades installed and that big ol' box gotten rid of. That was progress.
  8. Flashback's Tiny... the aircraft could have had the OLD ARN-14 that was yanked out when the SCNS was installed... I know that the 127's had been around awhile but can't seem to remember about what time the 147's came out (CRS kicking in?). That's when all of the defective 4100 relays started showing up. The new rcvr's just didn't have the same brute force signals to work on a crappy relay. Good job on the fix CND!
  9. Article from the local paper and old crews on one of the static display gunships at Eglin museum http://www.nwfdailynews.com/articles/former-44246-sounds-gets.html
  10. The crash site as described doesn't sound to be very accessable: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0%2C2933%2C59871%2C00.html This was for 161 (Aug 7, 2002) Aug 7, 2002 While conducting a training mission in Puerto Rico, the 15 SOS loses the entire crew of 10 in an MC-130H crash. 475 was during OEF Jun 12, 2002 While supporting OEF the 15 SOS loses an MC-130H Combat Talon II and two crewmembers, TSgt Sean Corlew and SSgt Anissa Shero, during a crash at a desert landing strip. SSgt Shero becomes the first female Air Commando to die in combat operations. RIP those that were lost. Bob
  11. Just read an article in the local paper written by Tom Philpott for Military Update. Seems as though that Reservists flying or maintaining post war AGENT ORANGE C-123's have been dealing with those symptos associated with AGENT ORANGE. An old crewmen has started a blog on the subject: http://www.c123kcancer.blogspot.com/ Bad stuff for the old aircrews. Bob
  12. Have been reading updates on the Yokota Air Base web site. The Kadena SOF Teams and Yokota Teams have been busy IAW the Top News Stories posted on the Yokota site: http://www.yokota.af.mil/ Good Luck to All of those involved. Bob
  13. Helen Back Pizza rocks also... http://www.helenbackcafe.com/ I have heard that there is some live entertainment at The Swamp on the Okaloosa Island...but I've never been there. Only the food places next door.
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