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Hi Bob,, 157 finished up the E-2D radar tests, was deinstrumented, converted back into a trash hauler and given to the Coast Guard at Liz City ( 1521 or 1523 maybe). Someone questioned the drag count- don't remember exactly, but it did have some handling quality issues. Pretty good wing drop when stalled, adverse yaw, and kind of squirrely in a crosswind. Did a funny wing drop when coming into reverse that maintenance could never sort out. Re-rigged it a bunch, all props came into reverse together, RPMs pretty tight. We were used to it and just gave it a bit of lat input! Same thing inflight, you needed to lead your turn with a bit of rudder, when flying it with the yaw damper off.


Pax River Flying Circus

Flying a desk now.

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Yep, that's the 1721. Sequestration took the money away for a paint job, so the CG is flying it with a 'unique' paint scheme. It has very low hours compared to the rest of the fleet, that's why the CG took it back...for "free"...it wasn't so free after de-mod... Believe it or not, it's one of those slated to go over to the forest service in the next few years...

CV880, was the wing dip with the dome on it? I seem to remember that.


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