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Smyrna Air Force Base


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There is a reunion on Sept. 14th, 2013 in Smyrna next to the base. This includes all 314TCW personnel along with 61,62,50 and 18 TCS from 1960 to base closing.

The link is posted in this Form under announcements, 314TCW Reunion. This link also has a neat blog containing info from a lot of the old troops.


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I was there from 63 to 66 cc for B model 61 0958 spent many good and bad times there. Many TDYs left there for Tachi Jan 1966. Remember when A1st class Back died when forward carg door came of in flight, Sgt Galagos hung on to a chain to save his life Trajic but still a memory. Back bump me at the last minute lucky I Guess. Bless Him. Also Sgt James Carmen met him in Vietnam When his shot up plane landed at CRB

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