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C-130A Models - Nashville, Tn


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The above photo was taken by Maj Adams of he 105th TAS who was flying pilot that day. I was his Nav and we were flying #8 position, there were 8 more behind us. This was taken as we approached Nashville for landing. We had to go to Air Force for permission to fly a 16 ship formation. It was the last of this size for the A model. We each about 6 - 8 101 Airborne who had jumped that day. There was a VHS video made of the flight (pre digital days), The 105th may have available at Berry Field Nashville.

Rick Lyman

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The push for 4 bladed props was the crash of 57-0454 of the 63 TAS in MC in 1975. Prop came apart.

Probably the installation started in 77 as Bill said.

Last I heard the only three bladed prop flying was Earl Cherry's N131EC ex RAAF A97-213 USAF 57-0506 and Lock No 3213. There was a rumor last year of it being a test bed for new props, but I have not heard if that happened.

Last heard of in Alexandria LA and I don't think it has flown in awhile.


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