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Eng. Not shutdown


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Jump pins A-C on speed switch cannon plug and listen for Geneva Lock (Fuel Shutoff Actuator) opening and closing. (And it was condition lever to Ground Stop...correct?).

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switch, not control
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I think you mean the condition lever to ground stop.

Ignition control CB out (power for Geneva lock (electrical actuator for the fuel control shutoff valve).

Bad Geneva lock (did not move to close the fuel control shutoff valve).

Ground stop will only work on the ground but that is a little more involved...

So how did you shutdown your engine? Fire handle?

If you move the condition lever towards feather (slow) the linkage will manually close the fuel control shutoff valve without feathering the prop. (keeps air flowing through the engine like a normal shutdown)

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Saw this a few times...found the ground stop switches under the throttle quadrant (ACTUATED BY THE CONDITION LEVERS) to be the culprit more often than anythign else. Dirt, dust, spilled coffee etc gunks up the contacts. Can of electrical contact cleaner should do the trick, making it easier would be a little extension to get down to the switches, then blast away. (little tube, often seen when you get a can of wd-40)

-good luck

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