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  1. Crawll31, May be a long shot but I had a similar problem and I found it on a man on the stand run. Turns out one of the corner of the gaskets where the 10th stage acceleration bleed air valves mount to the compressor case had blown out and the leak would only be enough to cause the Nacelle overheat when the air was disrupted because the prop was in reverse. Worth a look but watch your hands, good luck Ron
  2. MINHAS866, During testing you want to limit the use to prevent the keyer from overheating so that it can respond to an actual turbine overheat condition. In an actual turbine overheat condition if you have the performance available you will shut the engine down or let it run based on your needs. To be honest if you run the engine with the turbine overheat lights flashing and the keyer does fail it's not such a big deal because you are dealing with an actual emergency.
  3. Urban legend has it that they took the pack from another plane and had to turn it upside down to fit. As far as the reason why the Booster is on the left and the utility is on the right is commonality (I hate that word). The other two packs have internal crossovers so the booster system pressure actually works on the left side of the aileron and rudder boost pack and the utility works on the right side (viewed from the rear). To make it common, the elevator has external lines that crossover and connect to the opposite side. Now when I look at my booster shut offs they are labeled Elevator Rudder Aileron with Booster on the left and Utility on the right just below the switches. To put it in practice, you're in the back of the airplane and notice a leak on the left side of the boost pack (pick one) if you isolate the left switch it should take care of your problem.
  4. sharif101, I agree with Lkuest, this is a tough one to troubleshoot in this forum. However, have you considered using your TD test set to check the TIT indicator? I'm not sure what the limit is but I do remember that there was one. Ron
  5. At one point in time all engines had ice detectors, made it nice because we always had a spare. Sometime in the mid 80's the manufacture ran into a problem with faulty detectors so our good spare detectors were removed from 1 and 4 to take care of the demand, unfortunately they never replaced them. Ron
  6. edwardlcy, You are correct no APU/GTC in the hanger we started it as soon as safely possible. Ron
  7. edwardlcy, Not sure if the job guides addresses this or not, and what I'm about to relay is from 15 to 20 years ago. The first choice was the APU or GTC/ATM and the aux pump. If the APU/GTC was not available, someone would have to operate the hand pump and maintain 3000 psi on the direct pressure gauge in the back. Ron
  8. Mike, Maybe I misread your comment but did you mean 6571 was lost, 6572 is still flying, well at least until later this year! Ron
  9. Hillary Clinton: "What difference does it make"
  10. We used to be required to check the break away (maybe the wrong term, it's been awhile) torque of the prop nut when we were removing the propeller and if it was too low, we would have to remove the engine. I don't have easy access to the JG, is that step still required and if so was the propeller nut easy to break loose?
  11. Garry King lost his short battle with cancer last week, he was a friend and a mentor and a very important part of the AFSOC family. There will be a Memorial on the 3rd of March followed by a reception at the Soundside on Hurlburt , directions below. Ron Garry's Memorial; Service will be Monday, March 3rd @ 1900. It will be held at the Hollywood Boulevard Baptist Church, 204 Hollywood Boulevard Northeast Fort Walton Bch, FL 32548. It is located 1 block east of the Hollywood and Eglin Parkway intersection. There will not be a viewing or burial ceremony. There may be a reception following the service at the Soundside, arrangements are being made, more to follow. It was Garry’s wishes that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Wounded Warrior Project. The Wounded Warrior Project mission statement is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors. More information is available on their website- http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org
  12. How about firing flares out of one of the exits i.e. overhead escape or paratroop door. Flares are a maritime indicator of distress.
  13. Bob, We started with 13 AC-130U and we picked up 4 more H2 from Louisville I believe that brings the total to 17. Not sure if that was the point of your list or not so forgive me if I missed something. Ron
  14. Sparks, Well I can't say it was fun but at least I got one of those very rare snow days in Florida. We got about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice, froze the doors of the cars and put a nice sheet of ice on the bridges. The biggest problem encountered were the idiots that refuse to adapt their driving habits for the conditions; however, based on the amount of fender benders, sometimes problems take care of themselves! Ron
  15. Gizzard, I hope I'm not overstepping but would you need a gross weight waiver as well?
  16. Sonny, Thanks for asking, normally it nice and warm down here; however, we are bracing for a cold snap. Yesterday they closed the schools for Tuesday and Wednesday on the forcast of 1 to 3 inches of snow and freezing rain. I can see where the county would not want the responsibility of getting the kids home in that.
  17. That's funny Sonny and I suspect is the source of the joke I sent out to my e-mail contacts the other day, with exceptions. The one on the ground was a Republican and the one in the balloon was a Democrat; however, I can see an argument for swapping those designations around as well!
  18. edwardlcy, Never seen it myself but that's the theory as to why they put the light in; previous C-130's had no start valve open lights.
  19. tinyclark, I'm not by any means the J expert, to be honest I was just adding my thoughts. I did find the name of the panel and it does identify it as the "cursor control" I'm sure the buttons on the bottom function to possibly add data or highlight a selection, once again just my thoughts. Ron
  20. hithroel, If it's anything like the legacy planes the "joy stick" center button moves around to control a cursor on a computer screen. The other buttons on the "joy stick" may be used as selection devices (think computer mouse). I have no experience with the J but we have something similar on our aircraft. Ron
  21. GACGuy, First off, relax no need to shout, were all friends here! Could you provide schematics or T.O. references to support your theory that the discharge switch is always powered? Not saying you're wrong but it does go against all training I have received. Ron
  22. donwon, You are 100% correct, the act of pulling the fire handle provides power for the agent discharge switch, to fire the bottle you must activate the switch. One other small correction, a flashing light either red or green (NVG) is a turbine overheat while a steady light in the fire handle is a fire. Ron
  23. Bob, Are you sure 1857? I do remember 1855 but not 1857. vr Ron
  24. Gizzard, Thanks for taking the time to research this issue; however, maybe I'll keep the results to myself, after all I don't want to remove all hope! Ron
  25. Gizzard, We have always carried either a Purple K fire extinguisher on the aircraft for munitions fires (AC-130) because we were told that Purple K was very effective with munitions. Do you agree with this or would dry chemical be a better choice? Ron
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