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Now, here's some flying!!!


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Here's an owl coming in for the kill... right at the camera... only a minute long.

The last two or three seconds are amazing, watching the feathers ruffle and the wings swell. See the trailing flaps go down, the rudder correct for displacement from center line, the leading edge devices deploy, the landing gear extend. Interesting to watch the corrections in the flight path as the bird comes in. Seems to be a cross-wind from his right.

This is taken at 1000 frames per second.


Don R.

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And we think we know somethin' about flying......Absolutely incredible. Reminds me of the Jonathan Livingston Sea gull stuff from back in the early 70's. there was all kinds of comparisons of bird flight to mechanical. It was written by Richard Bach, who I think was a f-84 driver at one time. Neil Diamond wrote some fabulous music for it, also. I flew a lot with a pilot who was totally engrossed with the whole thing and he'd talk about it all the time. Any of you old guys, remember this?? And you young guys check it out. Somewhere here at the house I have the book and I think an LP, yes an LP, with the music. don't know what the hell I would play it on. But this brings back some really great memories and feelings. Thanks, Don, for puttin' this on the board...................


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