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I just want to take this moment to wish all of you guys a Happy Thanksgiving !

This is a time that I like to share with my family, and it seems to me that you guys on this forum are getting to be part of my family!

Man I hate getting mushy like that, but it seems to me like we are all starting to know each other so it seems like the right thing to do!!

So, again, Happy Thanksgiving you "Herky Lurkeys" (that's what Sparks wife calls us)


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Absoutely, Happy Thanksgiving to a great bunch of airman and your families. By the way, my wife is a bit embarrassed about the "Herky Lurkey" comment but we both have had a good laugh about it.

Well, you tell her, for me, that, I have been called a lot of things but never a Lurkey........And I consider it a compliment!!!!!!!


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Just reminded me of Lt Earl "Turkey" Helstrom a copilot in the 37th 69-70, and that reminded me of Major Earl Ducote, the Cajun, and then MSGT Fred Descouteaux.

Funny things pop up sometimes.

Thanksgiving made me want to say Thank You again to Gerry Haines for bringing a lot of memories alive at the 316th Reunion. Hope to see more of you next year in Hampton.


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