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Thanks for that link. Looks like we're safe! Whew!

It would be nice to see the tail swap plan. I'm a little confused. I see a bunch of upgrades, but can't figure out what's going to the boneyard. Obviously the PR ANG birds are gone and it looks like the 50th will go from H3s to H1s. Unless someone else at the Rock has H3s.

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"Looks like we're safe! Whew!" Wheres that?

The whole thing is a little foggy and a ton of info to digest. I feel as though it is different from the last wave of BRAC because now the AF has outlined what they think should happen well before the BRAC committee is even formed. We'll see what happens...

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I took a look at the proposal and then took a pencil to it and here is what I came up with.

Guard units that lose their aircraft either get another flying mission or get some other mission to keep the pork rolling, drones intell units etc. Only Mansfield OH was not listed with a follow on mission and Willow Grove which already closed now has a new mission.

Reserve units go away.

Using the numbers on the list there will be 50 H2's and 8 H2.5's to park after this exercise. No H1's are listed to be parked and one H3 unit 50AS goes to H1's.

Great Falls Montana gets H2's to replace its F-15's.

Reserve units to close 815 AS Keesler, 357AS Maxwell, 758AS Pittsburgh, 96AS MSP

Niagara Falls loses its Associate Mission, Did not say which unit closes, but I bet it is the 328AS AFRC, Sounds like maybe the ANG unit is closing, see below.

Minneapolis loses 8H3's again did not say which unit but I bet the 96AS Reserve unit closes. Yes 96AS closes see below.

Guard units

181 AS TX ANG gets C-12's. Makes a lot of sense to put C-12's at Carswell and spend all the money needed for infrastructure and crew training at Great Falls.

105AS at Nashville loses its WC-130H's to the PRANG. Makes a lot of sense to keep WC's and park H2's and H2.5's

Active Duty no real changes except the Associate units at Elmendorf and Keesler go away. 50 AS to H1's

All the rest is a tail number swapping exercise.

It will be interesting as they put out more specifics.


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Here is what AFRES website has to say, 2/4/12

Dobbins ARB, Ga. - Retire seven C-130H2 aircraft and add 10 C-130J aircraft during FY14.

Keesler AFB, Miss. - Transfer 10 C-130J aircraft to new location in FY14. Although the active associate unit ends as part of the FY13 President's Budget, the Air Force Reserve unit remains operational.

Little Rock AFB, Ark. - Retire two C-130H2 aircraft in FY17. Unit remains operational.

Maxwell AFB, Ala. - Drawdown one squadron by retiring seven C-130H2 aircraft in FY14. Unit remains operational.

Minneapolis-St. Paul ARS, Minn. - Drawdown one squadron by transferring eight C-130H3 aircraft in FY 13. The Air Force Reserve unit remains operational even though the air reserve station is transferred from the Air Force Reserve to the Air National Guard.

Niagara Falls, ARS, N.Y. - The air reserve component associate unit - composed of Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard -- ends as part of the FY13 president's budget. The Air Force Reserve retires three C-130H2 aircraft in FY13 and eight more in FY17. However, eight C-130H3 aircraft are planned to be added to the Air Force Reserve unit during FY13.

Pittsburgh ARS, Pa. - Drawdown one squadron by retiring six C-130H2 aircraft and transferring one C-130H2 in FY13. Air Force Reserve operations end and the Pittsburgh Air Reserve Station closes. However, Pittsburgh Air National Guard Base remains open.

Pope Field, N.C. - Retire one C-130H2 aircraft and add one C-130H2 in FY13.

Youngstown-Warren ARS, Ohio - Retire six C-130H2 aircraft and add four C-130H2.5 aircraft.

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It doesn't make any sense to retire the H2's. I was thinking they'd just swap'em into H1 spots. Either that or the H2's have less time left on them than the H1's that are getting new wing boxes. Maybe the wing life is the driver behind the retirement since they already paid to upgrade some of the oldest H's.

When the WC-130H's came through Little Rock in the mid-2000's, they only had 7000-9000 hours on them, and they all had the beefed up wings, so it kind of makes sense to keep them in service from a wing life standpoint, but makes no sense in a parts-support standpoint unless you modernize them. Hopefully, the WC's have been modded with dual rails, otherwise they'll be useless to PRANG.

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