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  1. I’ve been off the site for quite a while, and was surprised to not find the Print Shop after the site update. Is it gone or did I not look hard enough?
  2. Sounds normal, from a user perspective... :D
  3. I can not agree with you more! NP2000 for all my Legacy friends!
  4. No one else at the Rock has H3s but the 50th. Doesn't really make a lot of sense of me to replace the H3s with H1s. But, in my 11 year AF career, not much of anything has made any sense...
  5. My wife once accused me for looking at planes more than other women. I just turned to her and asked if that was really a problem. After several seconds of silence, she just walked away. Small victories, small victories...
  6. 53rd AS hasn't been AETC since Jan 08, we're AMC under the 19th Airlift Wing.
  7. Great idea, but we all know that it will never happen. Personally, I would like to see the NP-2000 mod on all the H-models.
  8. The 53rd (now primarily an H1 squadron, but we still have a few E-models), the 61st, 62nd & PRANG have E-models.
  9. The 53rd (now primarily an H1 squadron, but we still have a few E-models), the 61st, 62nd & PRANG have E-models.
  10. Yep! I was quite surprised when I showed up for a CRM sim two months ago and the box had the 241 display where the SKE scope goes. I mentioned to the LM operator that we don't have the 241 yet, and it surprised him too. I'll be glad to get the 241 in the H1s, I prefer it over the 59.
  11. Really? That's interesting. I fly the H1s and I haven't seen a 241 yet, only on the H3.
  12. H1s do not have the 241 radar, we still have the 59. Funny thing, the LM guys installed the 241 in the sims on the Hill at LRF though...
  13. Bob, the 53d (my squadron) is the H1 squadron at LRF. The 61st is the E model squadron, however, we still have some E models on our books. Right now we are still triple qual'd (E, H1, H3), and those plans don't look like they will change. Railrunner, I was talking to a Minnesota ARC guy last week, and he mentioned that Pope will only have 2 tails on their ramp starting this summer. His source was a buddy of his from Pope, and that the Pope guys are not too happy about having all of their tails gone.
  14. 62-1823 was one of my favorites. I had the pleasure of taking her around the sandbox on her last deployment. Sure wish I could have taken her to her retirement home.
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