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I finally did it!!!!


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What I finally did, was meet (in person), one of the guys on this forum. I am very happy our meeting turned out the way I expected. I met one of our regulars --Chris Schutz--(tinwhistle) this weekend and my wife and I spent some very enjoyable hours with Chris and his wife Mary. We did some touring the area in rain, snow, & sunshine and visited and had a good time. Chris and I got to tell each other our old war stories and what has happened over the years. I know that if I would have known him while in the USAF, we would have been good friends.

I think that would be the way with a lot of us on the forum! We all have something in common. The C-130 Hercules!!!!!


I case you need to know,Chris is the guy with the beard:


Chris and Mary


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I was just noticing the altitude on the sign, and wondering where y'alls oxegen bottles are. HA! No, seriously, its always nice to put a face with a name. I'm glad you guys could hook up. I hope to do the same sometime.


We were trying to take the Schutz's to Cooke City MT via the Beartooth Pass but it was closed above us due to blowing and drifting snow!! The highest elevation on that route is just under 11,000 ft.

Needless to say the road is open to the top today!!!

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