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    I was stationed at CCK from Aug 1971 to November 1973 when we were moved to Clark AFB Philippines. I started out on the camo birds then got into E Flight in 1972-1974, from the P.I. came back stateside to Keesler AFB to the 53rd WRS. Discharged in 1975.
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  1. Hello Randy Odette, Tom Norton here, first, welcome to the site. Glad you are here, there's several of the E Flight guys around here. My baby was 64-0497, flew a lot with her and Dave Splawn. Threw a few darts myself with you guys. I still do to this day. I want to give a shout out to Vince, Gary Robinson, Jon, and Kaegi. 62-1859, 63-7868, 63-7879, 64-0497, 64-0515 five of the fine E Flight birds. Tommy
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    Okay, Thanks. Tom
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    Bob, Do you know where 62-1859 is? I thought it was going to Jordanian AF, but I can't find anything that confirms that. Thanks Tom Tom From a January AF list 6201799 3753 C-130E AMC Little Rock 02-Mar-12 Jordan Unrestricted 6201859 3823 C-130E AETC Little Rock 02-Mar-12 Jordan Unrestricted Bob
  4. Bob, That is correct. Tom Armstrong and I were in tech school at Sheppard AFB together and went To CCK together in Aug of 1971. He was injured pretty seriously in the crash and was medevac'd to Japan for awhile, and then to a hospital in Texas for quite some time. He was sitting just aft of bulkhead 245 when one of the blades off #3 prop came through the fuselage narrowly missing him. He made his way back to the aft escape hatch and jumped to the ground. He was awarded the Purple Heart. I'm glad to say that Tom is doing okay I spoke with him a few months ago, if I remember correctly, he's getting ready to retire, and is into drag racing up in Ohio. Tom
  5. Bob, Does the accident report name the crew chief that was onboard the aircraft? Tom
  6. Whisheyglenn I was in E Flight with "Lurch" Tom Warya at CCK and Clark AB. I was asst. crew chief on 64-0497. Tom
  7. Giz I was at CCK in 72 and remember the relief efforts. If I remember correctly, Luzon got a months worth of rain in 3-4 days, resulting in the massive flooding.
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    Hi guys, I just received an email from Becky Sager and she informed me that Ben's VA claim has been approved as of this morning. She asked me to post a message and thank you guys for helping make this happen. I want to thank you as well. So, Thank You, and thank you Casey for this sight that gives us the ability to stay in touch with the guys we served with and keep up with the C-130 that we flew and maintained. I for one, love it. Thanks again!! Tommy
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    Beckys e-mail address is [email protected] Thanks Tommy
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    Hi Tommy, I have a huge favor! Would you post another message on the C130-Hercules site for me, please? I’m still battling the VA for Ben and I need to find the guys who signed Ben’s paperwork in 1968. Ben is still suffering horribly and has had nine surgeries, four in the last year and is now being referred to the Michigan Head Pain and Neurological Institute. I’m desperate to find someone who knew him. Can you help me? Thanks so much, Becky =============================================================================== Ben flew with the following; C130A 56-549: 7 Jul 66 – 6 Jul 67 Assigned as a crew member and went TDY to SEA Guys who signed paperwork David A. Ruddell, Tsgt, Crew Chief, 7 Jul 67 Paul J. McGehee, MSgt, Flight Chief, 7 Jul 67 Richard S. Mickely, Capt, Maintenance Officer, 7 Jul 67 C130 56-523: 7/7/67 – 5/3/68 Flew six TDY shuttles to SEA and was on extended TDY at Ubon RTAFB, Thailand as Crew Chief. Guys who signed his paperwork George A. Ingram, TSgt, Crew Chief, 3 May 68 Delbert L. Greve, MSgt, Flight Chief, 3 May 68 Richard S. Mickely, Capt, Maintenance Officer 3 May 68 If any of you guys remember Ben Sager, or know how to contact any of the above mentioned persons Becky (Bens wife) would be most greatful. Ben was in Blind Bat at Naha. Ben and Becky are trying to get the VA to recognize his service in SEA. Thanks Tommy
  11. Thanks Jim, but I've gotten several sets of orders since this post. Its all good.
  12. Cudo's Pat you did good.....
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    Wow......what a flood of memories, thanks for posting these pics........
  14. My husband Benjamin Sager was in the Air Force and flew with Operation Blind Bat during Vietnam (Based out of Naha) during 1966-1969 and I’m looking for information, please. He is ill and is fighting the VA as they say there is not “evidence of boots on the ground†although all his military records state so. He was on extended TDY at Ubon RTAFB, Thailand as Crew Chief during 7 July 67 to 3 May 68. His aircraft number was 56-0523. George A. Ingram, TSgt, Crew Chief, Delbert L. Greve, MSgt Flight Chief and Richard S. Mickley, Capt, 21 TAS all signed his Additional Duties Sheet dated 3 May 1968. He was also assigned to the Ground Crew as the aircraft mechanic (43131F) on Aircraft 56-549 and was on TDY in SEA during 7 July 66 to 6 Jul 67. I would be grateful for any information anyone can provide. He’s a Type II Diabetic as well as has severe Degenerative Disc Disease and nerve compression in his head and has just undergone his 8th surgery since April 2007 and his 3rd head surgery since March of this year. Thank you so much and many blessings, Becky Sager, [email protected] If any of you blind bat vets know Ben and can help it will be appreciated. Pardon me I did'nt post his e-mail correctly. This is correct..
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