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21TAS History Board


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Found these photos of the 21TAS history board in the squadron briefing room ca. 1975. As I recall, the aircraft silhouettes and squadron insignia were made of wood by Bito's in Angeles City. The central photo showing the squadron history in photos was compiled from the squadron history book and current (at that time) photos from the squadron information officer's files. The map was drawn by the base graphics section. Hope these photos bring back some good memories for you other Beeliners out there.



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Remember that the 21st TCS/TAS at Naha and the 21st TAS at CCK and Clark are not the same unit. The 21st at CCK/Clark was originally the 346th TAS, which transferred to CCK from Dyess in early 1969. The 21st designation went to CCK from Naha when the 374th TAW at Naha inactivated. It was all paperwork and a transfer of lineage. If you want to find out about 21st history, read my book Anything, Anywhere, Anytime. The 21st activated in Australia in early 1942 as the 21st Transport Squadron. It became troop carrier later that year. The 22nd was activated a few weeks later then in November they joined the 374th Troop Carrier Group when it was activated by Gen. George C. Kenney. It remained in the Pacific until USAF for some convulted reason decided to transfer the lineage to a C-5 squadron at Travis.

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