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  1. Apparently, NPRC in St. Louis does have microfilms of the Forms 5, but because we all went to SSAN for our ID numbers, the microfilm is not available. The center doesn't have the manpower to research/copy the information and we aren't allowed to go in to find our own, because others' SSANs would then be compromised. So - the information is there, but we can't get it. At least that's what I was told. I'd sure like to have my Form 5!
  2. Found these photos of the 21TAS history board in the squadron briefing room ca. 1975. As I recall, the aircraft silhouettes and squadron insignia were made of wood by Bito's in Angeles City. The central photo showing the squadron history in photos was compiled from the squadron history book and current (at that time) photos from the squadron information officer's files. The map was drawn by the base graphics section. Hope these photos bring back some good memories for you other Beeliners out there. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2835[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2836[/ATTACH]
  3. I've reloaded the fin stall article as four .jpg images here: I saved the article back in 1975 with the old thermofax copier, hence the poor quality. Hope this helps.
  4. I don't recall being specifically trained as a copilot to steer with the throttles while taxing, but then CRS is rampant. I do recall taxing on icy taxiways with differential throttles. Maybe that's the reason for copilots knowing how to do it?
  5. Back in '74 and '75, a pilot whose name was Bill Lee if I remember right (CRS don't ya know?) in 21TAS at Clark used to do a lot of drawings of C-130s. Some made it into the Philippine Flyer, base newspaper. I'll have to dig through my piles of stuff and see if I have any.
  6. I was with 7ACCS (ABCCC) at Udorn in '68 - '69. Before moving across the runway into the Armco-clad revetments, our Herks parked on PSP/dirt at the south end of the runway, across the runway from the Air America ramp. Our squadron area was within a very short walk from the birds. One of our guys from Alleycat, in uniform of course, walked out to check on a bird and the non-English-speaking Thai guard stuck an M1 carbine in his belly button. Fortunately, someone came along and sorted things out, but there was a large pucker factor for a few minutes. Makes a good story now; wasn't at all funny back then.
  7. Alan - I checked my stuff, but no luck with approach plates at all; I have the TAD and the Enroute Supplement from '68. I checked the Vietnam Archives at Texas Tech and couldn't find any approach plates either. If you haven't already, you might check with the Air Force Historical Research Agency and see if they have any or can point you in the right direction. Their addy is < afhranews@maxwell.af.mil >. Good luck bringing our brothers home.
  8. I just uploaded four .jpegs of an article from the July, 1975, issue of "The MAC Flyer": "The C-130 Fin Stall Phenomenon". These are of an old photocopy of the article that I've kept over all these years. For some reason, they are not in order and there are two of each page - go figure. I haven't figured out how to delete the duplicates. The article is here: http://herkybirds.com//gallery/showimage.php?i=6759&catid=member&imageuser=3916
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