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Indecision Indecision Indecision

Dan Wilson

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Went to the range yesterday but had one of those rotten days where I couldn't get both halves of my brain to agree what to take and what to leave; needless to say my boy and I hauled a pretty large pile of iron and ammo. Results, a very good and very long day at the range :hatnuke:

It was a great day, but one thing still amazes me, the 1919 weighs in at 46 lbs and it still punches a decent recoil, a little harder than the Garand. You would think the weight would eat up the recoil but .........

I was using some old POF .303 for my #1mk3, never have fired it before and boy is it strange, having like a one second lock time?!?!?!?!? Click, wait, boom. My shots were really all over the place with that stuff.



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Ditto what Giz said. Glad to see ya up and around!!!!! Ken (MTcrewchief) will drool all over your pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris (tinwhistle)

Yeh, you're right Chris, they all look good enough to fondle!! Being a Mauser nut, my eyes still lock on that K98!!

Dan, since you're able to get out and enjoy your firearms, you must be about done with your house!!!! Oh, that's right fun does come first! Anyway, it is nice to see you hanging out at the forum again.


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I have a Gewehr 88 looks similar, jacketed barrel, straight bolt, box magazine, ugly as can be. It has markings on it that look almost like hieroglyphics, and on the top of the receive it has a crown and 'Dantzig" 1895 on it........... I think I got it at a gun shop near langley, back about 73 or so


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Glad you feeling better Dan.

I got an 1891 Mauser in 7.65. It is very hard to find ammo for it.

I havn't shot it since 1980. Took up playing and spending time with my youngest daughter instead of doing my stuff when she was born.

I bought the gun in 67 for deer hunting.

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Yeah, my lungs are finally getting better and just had back surgery, again, and things are finally getting back on track.

Trying to get ahold of the town train depot this week, that one will be an easy rebuild- I can get federal "historical property" cash to work on it.

The Gewher 88 is more commonly known as the 88 commission rifle, and yes ugly as a dogs butt. I used to have one but I traded it for a tattoo

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