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I hope I'm not too far off base on this, but here's the story: about an hour and a half north of where I live in Wisconsin is an Air force "live fire" range, called Hardwood Range. It's used almost every day and sometimes, if the conditions are right they let in the public to observe the activities. They have a hot line to check on the days schedule. So the other day I call up there and they have the range open and they have scheduled F-16s, helicopters, and C-130s!!!!! Here's where the wicket gets sticky: it's my wifes birthday.....So, in the end, she doesn't want to go but gives me her blessing, "go up and see your precious C-130!!!!

I can't get my stuff in the pickup fast enough, all the time keeping in mind that I have just used up all the points that I've saved for a year, but hey, it's a Herky! About 15 minutes from Hardwood two Herks lazily fly overhead; I'm excited! I pull into the range just as those two make a slow run at tree top, man, I think, this is going to be good!!!

Well, that's the last I saw of the Herks. No helicoptes either. I did, however, get a ton of pictures of the F-16s. I love my Herk. But that F-16 is one mean piece of iron...I've added 4 pictures of those 16s to my gallery, if you guys don't mind I'll add some more occasionally.

Chris (tinwhistle)

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The Herks were out of MSP. We do drops mostly at Badger DZ on Ft McCoy, then go do some pro work at Volk Field. Every now and then, we schedule drops at Hardwood so we can pratice shooting off defensive flares.

Hi Llecrupwt, thanks for the update! It was your outfit that had a Herk at Hardwood last year at this time when they had thier Bi-annual open house. It sounds as if you are still active?? Do you have any idea if the let the public into Ft. McCoy? Have you been following the thread about some of old farts wanting to take one more flight on our beloved C-130?? I'll send you a private message.....I am about to upload a couple more F-16 pics to my gallery. Sure wish I had this many 130 pics!!!!!!! tinwhistle (Chris)

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