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Little Rock AFB Help


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Need some help, could someone try to check this out for me?

I have

C-130A 56-0518 as the Gate Guard


62-1829 and 61-2362 preserved on base

63-7820, 64-0524, 68-10949 LM trainers in a building

63-7784 LM trainer?

63-7764 sent to Weide AAF MD, Aberdeen Proving Ground?


62-1806, 63-7819, 63-7852 Maintenance Trainers?

Any other E's?



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This is a picture of 62-1834 at Will Rogers airport Oklahoma City 14 Mar 2012. Talking to the folks inside base ops it had been there a couple of months, and the plan is to keep it there for a ground trainer for the Air Force aeromedical outfit stationed there.

This is low res, I have more shots of it (7 all together), they are about 4mb each. I would like to upload them for you to use in the gallery. Let me know which would be the best way, just post like this? Also, I can make them all lower res like this one (approx 900k) but thought you might like the best resolution.


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Also, I don't know what the plans for 63-9815 are, but she's all stripped of her wings (donated to tornado bird repair and someone else on here said the other wing was donated somewhere else) and the vertical stab is now a static display at the old enlisted club. The fuselage is still parked next to Hgr 250.


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Just confirming that 63-7764 did indeed go to Aberdeen Provings Grounds, as per the first post in the thread:


68-10948 c/n [cn]4328[cn] went the same way.

My outstanding Es from Little Rock are:





plus the three fuselages that were inside:




Any confirm any of these are still around please?


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