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That's a former national science foundation bird (Navy). The newer LC-130Hs have the JATO mounts on the wheel well blisters and can't drop the bottles in flight.

Sorry Dave but the acft 83-0493 in the clip is one of 4 LC-130 H's I helped build for the NY Air Guard when I worked at Lockheed. It had the JATO racks on the air deflector doors. I remember it well as Lockheed had deleted the bottle attch. from all other H2's prior to NY getting their new H's delivered in 1984-85. I remember the first one as it rolled down final assy when it came to functional test position(Where I worked) there was a wire bundle as big around as your arm hanging free in the MLG wheel well. We were wondering where it connected and no one knew as it had been 20 years since they had built a ski bird. They figured it out when they moved it to the mod hanger to finish it up. The one quick shot in the video clip of acft 1095 was as you said an ex NSF acft. That was a great 3 years I had helping build those Herks then I moved down the road to Dobbins AFB when they offered me an ART job. A good move I might add. Bill

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Probably a stupid question, but why the O2 masks on the crew?

They were most likely at the South Pole which has a Field Elevation of a little over 10,000. I had a sweat shirt from there that said 2 miles of base 2 inches of powder:-))

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